Diamond 20mm LED skærm


Nordic Rentals A/S investerer i 100 kvm. 20 mm. Diamond LED Skærm.

The Diamond Series is specifically designed for the Rental & Event markets. 

The field-proven Diamond Series is the result of intensive research along with exhaustive field testing by our leading European rental partners. 
The Diamond Series of Creative LED displays is a rental companys dream combining outstanding image quality, ease of installation and maintenance and extreme robustness and durability.
The Diamond 20mm SMD curtain is specifically designed for the rental market featuring:
Lightest & thinnest display in the market!
Only 5.75 kg a module
The use of compound Aluminum in combination with high-end electronics allows F&P to create a display which is both extremely light and thin.
Quick Installation (patent pending) 
Fastest installation times in the market. The entire series of locks/safeties used in the Diamond Series displays was custom engineered and molded to offer quick connection and high load capacity. Using 8 layer PCB, F&P has managed to create strips which are only 9mm wide, allowing 11mm of light transfer per strip without affecting the resolution. 
High brightness/ Wide angles Using top of the line SMD LED lamps specially manufactured for the F&P Diamond series. 
Our displays offer both high brightness and wide viewing angles. 
Robust design & construct
The Diamond Series displays are manufactured using Aviation Grade Alloy (used commonly in Commercial Aircrafts) allowing for extreme high resistance to wear and up to ten times the strength of lesser alloys the same weight. SGS approved




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