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    The history of the rental and event company Nordic Rentals A/S

    With its headquarters in Hedensted and Copenhagen, Nordic Rentals is one of Scandinavia’s leading car rental and event companies in professional sound, light, stage and AV.

    Nordic Rentals A/S was established in 1985 under the name Lydkompag9et I/S, which at that time exclusively engaged in the rental of audio & lighting systems.
    In the following years, the company was combined with 3 similar companies and changed its name to Lydkompag9et A/S and now stood as a strong segment partner in the rental and settlement of audio technology solutions.
    The company consolidated significantly during the 90’s with very rapid growth in the market. This resulted in Lydkompag9et A/S merging with Stagelite ApS in 2001, after which the company changed its name to Lydkompag9et Stagelite A/S.
    The merger was strategic, and the synergy effect between the two business areas of sound and light was particularly advantageous as they approached many of the same customer groups.
    In 2002, the third leg was on the way to total deliveries. One had the opportunity to buy into the stage company Scandinavian Stage Concept ApS.
    Based on these acquisitions, the company now stood strong and customers became increasingly international. Therefore, it was necessary to change names and the presentation came internally. The proposal was Nordic Rentals A/S – the name of the company today.
    In 2007, the AV department started. The fourth and last leg of our concept of total solutions and total deliveries was created. This department has been through a constant and positive development and is forwardly an area of ​​great focus.
    On the national track, Nordic Rentals has been the groundbreaking and constantly high demands on the productions that are delivered, both in the field of festivals, tours, production and corporate events and events. Among other things, our customers have been able to see and experience with Medina, Rasmus Seebach, Magtens Korridor, The Danish Melody Grand Prix, X Factor Finals in the Park, Skanderborg Festival, Roskilde Festival, The Royal Theater, Fairs and Conferences, as well as some of the largest Danish companies.
    The company’s employees all got specialized skills. Together we form an overall strength that offers professional solutions including including planning, settlement, transportation, 3D visualization of design and interior design, on-site project management and design.
    Creativity, professional planning and quality characterize our work, and with years of experience, we guarantee a complete experience.

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