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    Live streaming of conferences and events

    The popularity of live streaming of conferences, concerts and various other events is rising. With live streaming there is the opportunity to share experiences with many others, without being physically present. Live streaming gives you a great freedom to publish exactly the content you want your clients to see, and at Nordic Rentals we are ready to help you with this. Regardless if it is a live stream conference, live stream concert or something completely third. We are passionate about delivering quality equipment that gives you the best experience.

    At Nordic Rentals we have many years of experience with rental of lights, sound and AV equipment for all kinds of events. Therefore we also have Scandinavia’s biggest selection of equipment that can be used on small and big events. That includes everything you need for a live stream event. Many of our customers are reaching out about live streaming because of the Covid-19. The Corona crisis have unfortunately caused that many of our customers had to cancel their events, conferences and concerts, but it is exactly here where live streaming gets interesting. If you for example want to arrange a big conference with your customers and partners from different regions or completely different countries, you can advantageously choose to make a live stream conference instead. Therefore live streaming events is a huge economical advantage that can save fantastic companies in a difficult time.

    Benefits of live streaming

    We offer you help with the technical element of live streaming. If you for example want to live streame to multiple countries or many people at the same time, it is necessary to have the right equipment so your audience gets a good experience. In this way you get a professional live streaming which both you and the audience deserves.

    A live stream event can work in many different ways. You can choose exactly how you want it to be, depending on the size of your event. We can set up multiple cameras, and the stream can be transmitted live on your preferred media such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or your own website. At Nordic Rentals we are ready to help you with the whole process.

    We are the perfect partner

    Are you interested in, if live streaming could be the perfect solution to save your concert, conference, lesson or something completely forth, then feel free to contact us. Live streaming have become very popular during the Corona crisis, but it has been an increasing trend in the recent years. Live streaming gives companies the opportunity to reach a bigger audience, because lack of space or location does not matter. The audience to your live stream events will be able to connect from any device with internet, and at the same time be a part of the event by using the comment field to interact. Live streaming is the future so try it and experience the many advantages with live streaming events, conferences, concerts etc.

    Do you want us to deliver equipment for your next live streaming event, then contact Torben Pedersen today at +45 2710 2622 or tp@nordic.dk