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    Equipment for conferences, meetings and lectures

    Nordic Rentals provides equipment and technical support for meetings, lectures, congresses and conferences throughout the country.

    We ensure that the participants get the maximum sound experience and the best view, even when they are in the back of the room. Use the combination of audio and visualization to get your message all the way to the audience. At a conference, a meeting or lecture, success depends largely on the optimal functioning of the technical facilities.

    We can deliver everything from completely conventional solutions to large setups and shows with moving lights and smoke. In addition to AV, light and sound, we also have large screen stands for display on the stage, interior systems for meeting rooms, breakout rooms, plenary and exhibition areas.

    Nordic can handle all tasks, large and small, from internal meetings in the company to major congresses in eg. Bella Center. Our technicians and installers deliver, set up and test the equipment so that everything is ready for the event and disassemble it all again after use.

    Should we provide the equipment for your next event please contact us today at phone +45 7026 5222.