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    Equipment for TV shows and productions

    We have extensive experience in rental and delivery of technical equipment for TV shows and productions. At Nordic Rentals you will find one of Scandinavia’s widest selection in equipment for the TV world. We provide professional audio equipment and stage lighting as well as AV and scenes for all types of TV productions throughout the country.

    Any TV show may be a failure if technical failure fails during construction. Therefore, our well-tested and professional equipment is a great choice for your next TV show or production. Wireless devices with small microphones with optimal sound reproduction through good speakers give the actors ample opportunity to unfold in speech or singing. The light, which can be from the conventional to the more advanced, creates the very right mood on the stage and elevates the show even higher. With different AV equipment, visuals, close-ups etc. can be shown on stage, and only the imagination sets the limit for unfolding.

    Let us advise and save about your next TV show or production. We can of course supply the equipment ready for use, and our trained staff can make the plants ready for use on the stage. Contact us today and get a talk with one of our experts in the area. Call +45 7026 5222 and learn more about TV shows and productions.