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    Rental of AV equipment

    Nordic Rentals leases all types of AV equipment for your next event. We provide audio-visual equipment for conferences, meeting rooms and events, but also for the general meeting or the small meeting. We can deliver exactly the equipment that fits your event and our professional AV technicians make sure it works before it goes out. We are deliverable in all reputable brands of professional AV equipment and use only AV technology of the highest quality.

    The AV equipment includes of: Large screens and LED screens, projectors, leather cases, flat screens, etc. for displays at the meeting, conference or stage. Full-featured audio in the form of speaker systems and wireless microphones.

    We also provide interactive solutions, video equipment, PC, slides, data projectors and congress microphone systems for the big assemblies.

    Audio visual equipment is used to convey audio, light and pictures in conference rooms, meeting rooms, streaming, classrooms, concert halls, theaters, fairs, sports venues and much more.

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    Range of AV equipment

    See the different types we use below, if you have special wishes, we will of course do that.

    • LED Screens: Airmag-4, Absen E106, Diamond 200 LED Curtain, Glux 37,5 mm LED Curtain.
    • Projector and lenses: Panasonic
    • Canvas: Stumplf
    • Video and data: Datapath, Extron, Matrix switcher, Atlona, Blackmagic, Kramer og Neutrik.
    • Media players: Hippotizer, watchout, Pandor, Arkaos, Resulome og MA VPU
    • Flat screens and floor screens: Wide range
    • Microphone and wireless: Wide range
    • Internal communication equipment: Wide range
    • Video camera and video mixer: Wide range

    What is AV equipment

    AV is an abbreviation of the words audio and visual, which are the Latin words for “hearing” (audio) and “in sight” (visualis).

    Audiovisual or AV is thus a word used for the combination of sound and image. AV is used especially in the words AV equipment and AV technology. AV-venues are also often used especially at educational institutions where permanent premises are equipped with AV technology.

    AV equipment is the equipment used for displaying or playing light, images and sound for example. a conference, a meeting or other event. Nordic Rentals provides AV facilities for many purposes, such as exhibitions, fairs, sports arenas, meeting and conference rooms, audio studios, concert halls, theaters, musicals, gymnasiums, classrooms and much more.

    The quality is important. An otherwise successful event may fall to the ground if the AV equipment fails. Many people know the unpleasant feeling of standing on the stage with a microphone or display that does not work. The schedule is moving and the focus is being directed to the wrong places for both the performer and the audience. Therefore, Nordic uses only the best equipment within AV and at the same time has a skilled staff to handle setup and advice. Our experts help choose the right equipment that fits exactly to the venue or event it is to be used for.

    AV rental is our fastest growing business area, which also makes our equipment state-of-the-art and the range is constantly evolving.

    We are nationwide in AV rental so if you are going to host an event in Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Copenhagen or any other place in the country, we are ready to help.

    Streaming – Communication without boundaries

    More and more companies today choose streaming as a dissemination. Streaming works by transmitting live recordings from an event, streams, via the Internet, allowing conferences to be released and launches can be viewed in high image quality and real-time, wherever in the world the spectator is located.

    With a professional streamlining of streaming from general meetings, conferences or presentations, we allow the customer to deliver his message, both locally, regionally, nationally and globally. Ask our AV department about your streaming options.