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    Lighting Rental – Lighting for any purpose.

    Nordic leases professional light for all purposes, both indoors and outdoors. We can deliver colorful scenes, complete light shows for big events and powerful LED lights for concerts, conferences, festivals, tv shows, company events, theater, musicals and much more. We also have extensive experience in lighting facades, monuments, art and buildings for special occasions. When you rent light and lighting at Nordic, you have access to one of Scandinavia’s largest stocks of best quality lighting equipment.

    Scene list that gives the right mood

    Well, creating the right mood is light a strong visual tool. The right lighting is important both for the conference as well as for the theater performance or the concert. Just a little change in the light set can completely change the expression on the stage or in the hall. Therefore, it is important with professional people when making light production.

    Nordic Rentals Light Specialists have extensive knowledge of lighting technology and lighting. It ensures you as an organizer that your audience gets the best overall experience. We select the right lamp types and make the right light angles, with colors that support what is happening on stage. With the right light mixers coupled with intelligent light, the most amazing visual experiences can be created.

    Visualization – See the light in 3D

    We have the opportunity to make a complete visualization of a light production in our 3D visualization system. It gives you as a customer a realistic picture of how the finished result will be. That way you can participate in the whole process around the design of the event itself.

    Once the design is approved, our professional staff will ensure that your event is successful with complete light production and proper setup.

    Contact us and get a chat about lighting equipment for your next event, call +45 7026 5222

    Our light portfolio consists of recognized brands:

    • Moving light: Our moving lights are from Martin, Robe, Coemar, ACME, Vari-Lite and others.
    • Conventional light: Stocked from ADB, Desisti, DTS, ETC, Selecon, Thomas and others.
    • LED lighting: Hwe have products from Coemar, ETC, LDDE, SGM, Thomas and others.
    • Dimmable: Our range comes from MA, HighEnd, Avolite, Chamsys, LSC and others.
    • Stands: Our light racks are from Manfrotto, Guil, Genie and others
    • Follow Spot: Here we primarily supply products from Robert Juliat.
    • Dampers: Our damping systems are primarily from ADB and SGM
    • Truss: We stock truss from Tyler, Thomas, Global and ATC and others.