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    Sound rental | Rental of professional audio equipment

    At Nordic Rentals you can hire professional audio equipment for any event. Get the right solution for sound for your next meeting, conference or congress. We are one of Scandinavia’s largest suppliers of large sound productions for concerts, festivals, theater and musicals. In our Audio Rental Department, you will find equipment in the latest technology along with a team of top motivated sound professionals who can help you through all phases.

    Our program includes loudspeakers and other audio equipment from reputable manufacturers.

    • Mixers: Midas Pro Mixers, Yamaha LS Series, Digico SD Series and Soundcraft Vi Series
    • Speakers: L-Acoustics speaker systems, Adamson Systems and Electro-Voice
    • Amplifiers: Amplifier equipment from L-Acoustics and Lab Group with more
    • Microphones: Wireless microphones and in-ear systems from Shure and Sennheiser

    Contact us today and talk about sound rental with our professional audio team. They help you to get the right audio equipment for your next event. Call +45 7026 5222 and get sound on

    Rental of sound and light

    We have provided audio equipment for both big and small events at home and abroad, and our experience is your peace of mind for a successful concert, congress or other that requires highly professional audio equipment. We have supplied large and small audio productions to many events such as Palmesus in Norway, Smukfest in Skanderborg, Green Concert, Tinderbox and many more. Sound rental is one of our biggest areas and the equipment is very extensive.   Our large layer of audio equipment enables us to handle any task. Our well-trained staff make sure that everything works and you are provided exactly the facility required for your event to be successful. At Nordic, you can hire professional audio, light, AV equipment and stage equipment at the best terms of the market.

    The good sound is a discretionary case

    Sound is in many ways equal to discretion. The good sound conveys a message in an efficient and comfortable way and succeeds fully when the audience’s focus is on the content of the sound and not the shape of the sound. Discretion is also an important factor in the physical setup. For example, for a conference, it will mean that post, pause music in the break, digital presentations and a final concert with full orchestra can all be done with one and the same sound system. No replacement, no confusion. Just good, effective and discreet sound.