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    Get the right sound quality for your next event with a professional mixer desk. We rent a wide range of well-known quality brands within mixers and mixerpulte. We can deliver mixers to virtually any type of event, from the small concert to the very big sound production on the big scenes. Also, the mixer for theater, conferences, lectures and other stage events, we can offer a large selection. We have professional digital mixers from the Midas Pro Series, Yamaha LS Series, DigiCo SD Series and Soundcraft. Contact us and get a sound talk and let us help you with the right mixer equipment for your next concert.

    Call us at +45 70 26 52 22

    See the Midas Pro Series Mixer – here.

    See Yamaha LS Mixer here.

    Mixer console from DigiCo can be seen here

    Soundcraft consoles can be seen here