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    If you miss a big or small stage for your next event, you are landed the right place. Nordic is one of Scandinavia’s largest suppliers of stages, festivals, mobile stages, stage scenes and accessories. Should you use one or more stages, we can deliver what is required. Stages for everything from smaller concerts and conferences to big festivals and big concerts, tours, conferences, and events. Our team of professional stage crew is effective in setting up and removing the many different scenes we have in stock.

    Stage rental throughout Scandinavia

    We deliver stages, mobile stages and stage equipment for the whole of Scandinavia and our gear belongs to the best in the market with great stability, high security and modern design. Building stages are of course both indoors and outdoors. Of course, we also provide stage equipment like cranes, chain parts, rigger gears, motors, carpets and racks, as well as trusses that can be easily assembled in many ways, creating the perfect frame for your concert. If there are large gatherings we can also offer barriers that provide maximum security among spectators and fans. Contact us immediately and speak to our scene experts, call +45 7026 5222

    We use the best equipment on the market:

    • Nordic Staging: Stage flooring and accessories
    • Covered stages: ISC stage, CVH stage and ATC stage